Monday, May 18, 2009

Twilight Enchantment

It is evening time on May 18th 2009--about 7:45p.m. This is my very favorite time of day. I find something strangely enchanting and soulfully delightful about the transition from evening to night. I'm not really sure just what it is that puts me in such a mellow musing mood. I know that George MacDonald could--probably somewhere has--expressed it much better than I ever could. This day will seem completely different an hour from now. It seemed very different just a couple of hours ago. The dark of night is not bad, just different. Twilight, when it is neither day nor night and is seems as if time stops, or hesitates for a bit. It is a magical (I balk at using the word) time of in-between--of transition. Perhaps the Jews had something in counting the days from sunset to sunset.

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