Sunday, May 17, 2009

DON'T Do Random Acts of Kindness!

OK, alright, yes, they're better than random acts of malice or stupidity. They beat random acts of vulgarity, destruction, or violence any day of the week. So what's my beef? It's that random acts have unintended consequences! Think about it: you're driving down Bleak Street in Poorsville and you spontaneously decide to randomly toss five-dollar bills out the window of your Prius. Ghetto kids and crack addicts come flying out of the alleys and mom-n-pop stores and into the street after those bills faster than five Baptist deacons after a new visitor. Bam! Next thing you know, the car with 10k spinners is plowing into kids quicker'n you can say, "turn that blankety-blank stereo down, I'm in the middle of a random act of kindness and trying to savor the freakin' moment!" All I am trying to say is that I much prefer purposeful acts of kindness; something with real intention and aimed at making a targeted improvement where it is really needed--and will be most effective. Like the motto I read on the Acton Institute site: "Don't just care--think!"