Tuesday, July 14, 2009


That stands for Too Busy To Blog Blues--which should explain why no new posts for a few days. My goal it to be posting five or six days a week. That will take some discipline--something I've been working at building into various areas of my life lately. I'll have to get up a bit earlier or cut my walk down a scotch, or perhaps write at lunchtime. We'll see. This I'm posting this just so there'll be something up and current. Lord forbid this blog ever go dormant!

I should mention that this blog, Random Acts of Intelligence, is devoted to personal slice-of-life type things and social commentary, espeecially now that I've started another blog, The Plumbline (plumblinepress.blogspot.com) which will deal with Biblical/spiritual/philosophical issues--especially touching on the question of whether people do or do not have access capital-T Truth and, if so, how and in what fashion.

Please forgive that this post is more along the line of an announcement than a thoughtful article. I'll knuckle down and get my next post up before too very long.