Saturday, July 11, 2009

Climate Change--Bring it On!

It looks like climate change has come to San Diego this summer--and I'm lovin' it! I already love the wonderfully mild weather here, never very far from 70 degrees. A heat wave is when it gets above 75 and a cold snap is when it dips to below 65--brrr. If a breeze happens to be blowing, you have to consider the wind-chill factor, which can make it feel like 60. So far this summer we are having an amazingly mild one.

How one feels about the weather is quite a personal thing. To my wife, San Diego is nearly the Antarctica. She grew up in Houston and apparently acquired a mental thermostat much different from mine. A pleasant day to her is somewhere in the 90s. For her, the only thing which could improve upon that (for me unbearable) condition would be to have eighty percent humidity to go along with it! That's why this summer has seemed to her a virtual ice age. For me, the weather couldn't be fine-ah. Ahhh, the sweet mid-to-high 60s--that's the zone for me.

No sooner than the latest data for the past decade had come in, than Al-gore apparently issued a decree to his minions to drop the sacred term, "global warming," and replace it with the new sacred term, "climate change." The minions got the message, didn't skip a beat, and kept right on predicting impending world-wide disaster. A billboard in our neighborhood shows a boy who looks to be about ten standing in rising water up to his chest and admonishes us who are driving by to get with the program or this kid's future is sunk.

Is the earth's climate suppose to change, or is it suppose to remain constant? If I am not mistaken, scientific data have long ago established the latter. I am therefore driven to the inescapable conclusion that--hold your head-gear--climate change is normal! Nothing to see here folks, move along. Yes, yes, I know, human activity is putting its awful carbon foot on the global climate accelerator and is driving us off the weather cliff. "Eeeeek! Honey, slow down! You're gonna get us all killed!"

Everything above was preface to what I was wanting to say, but I've run out of time to say it. I wanted to tell you why I love climate change. I'll have to write another post on that in a day or two. The bottom line for me is: global warming; global cooling--either way, I'm good with it. Meanwhile, Google Weather tells me we're in for a scorcher here in San Diego today: we're facing a high of 76! Bring it on!