Monday, May 18, 2009

Begging, Addiction and Humiliation

My homeless friends have taught me so very much. I thank God for leading me to meet them in the classroom of life called Ladle Fellowship. One of the things I have learned about is the power and perniciousness of drug and alcohol addiction. A man I know, and consider a friend, has told me about what it takes to feed the habit which drives his life like some seemingly imposed and inescapable script. He told me that he hates nothing more that begging. He despises it for it humiliates him and drives his self esteem to the depths. Yet he is driven to beg in order to feed his habit. And he must get high just to force himself to beg. After begging he uses the drugs to bury his humiliation. What a vicious cycle. Thank God there is hope through the power of Christ!

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