Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year... a Few Days Late...

I’m not ready to begin the new year and it is already, um lemesee, ah, January 5th. The boxes of old/misc paperwork from last year–including some from the year before–are still sitting in the living room waiting for me to sort through them for any “important” items (photos would qualify, as would un-cashed or unsent checks). I am still procrastinating about making NewYear’s resolutions, one of which will obviously need to be to sort through my boxes of old paperwork. On top of it all, I’ve had a raging chest and head cold since, well, since last year now that I think of it. Ugh. Oh–one little miniscule bright light in this depressing landscape which occurs to me at this very moment: whenever I do get around to making my list of resolutions, I can instantly check off the box I’ll put that says, “get back to blogging.” See ya later.

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