Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kindling an e-book Romance--Which Brings to Mind the 1st Commandment

To be more precise, the romance is with the device on which I now read my e-books. I have dabbled in e-books for a number of years now--ever since I first looked into Project Gutenberg. I downloaded some e-books here and there onto my computer and filed them away, but usually just forgot they were there. I have followed the Kindle since it came out and had a good deal of interest, but wanted to see if it had staying power or would just be a very expensive experiment for Amazon. After some time I could tell that Amazon was fully committed to Kindle's success and built the technical and inventory support to prove it.

A couple of months back I got my first opportunity to see one up-close. A buddy at church had his and showed it to me, explaining how the e-books are found and downloaded. I asked him to use it to go to Amazon and look up one of my favorite authors, George MacDonald. He did, saying to me, "here is the collected works--a buck seventy-nine. That sealed the deal. I immediately asked my wife to get me one for Christmas and of course she did. I was smitten within minutes of opening it up. This deserves its own post--the packaging itself charmed me. Then there was the welcome and graphic that came on the screen when I first plugged it in... my heart beats faster just at remembering it...

I'll be blogging much more about the/my Kindle in the weeks and months ahead. Like all new Kindle owners, I am anxious to brag about all the books I have acquired and the great bargains and free books available. Oops--I can already see I am beginning to come afoul of yet other commandments. Hmmm... I wonder if the Kindle store carries the collected works of the puritan writers...

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  1. Thanks for your re-inspiration concerning Kindle. Just got two new generation Kindles and my husband is forever sold on them! I might get to try them out sometime in the next month ;)

    Hope you are still enjoying yours as well.