Sunday, March 28, 2010

Didn't Know it (the "turbulance") Would Begin so Soon.

Fox News is running the headline, "In the Midwest, The FBI Make Militia Arrests." In light of this new development,  I predict the smearing of the tea party movement will now begin in earnest. All the derisive comments and innuendo up to this point have been nothing compared to what I believe is clearly on the horizon. The administration needs some headlines which will serve both to distract from the deep unpopularity of their newly-minted health takeover and will, at the same time, completely marginalize the tea party movement. Watch for a connection to be soon drawn between these latest arrest and the fact that one of those arrested at some point attended a tea party protest.

Look: this militia group--or whatever it is--did NOT spring up right after the signing of the health care bill. No doubt it has been in existence even before Barrack Obama's election. This militia group has probably been under surveillance for many months--if not for years. The administration was just waiting for the most propagandistically propitious moment to play the be-afraid-of-the-tea-party-crowd card. And now they've played it. Expect a few more cards to be slapped down on the media table for public consumption in the weeks and months ahead. As I said in my last post, "Buckle up--I see turbulence ahead."

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