Saturday, June 6, 2009

For anyone just tuning in, I am doing a multi-part series, Father's Day 1972 Revisited. For several years now, inspired by St. Augustine's Confessions, I have written or rewritten my conversion experience afresh each year. Since this radical turning point in my life had its focus on Father's Day (1972) I am now in the habit of having my thoughts turn back that direction each year as June arrives. This annual writing ritual helps me reflect anew upon God's amazing and magnetic love and how he so marvelously crafts his call to each individual soul.

This little blog--and my small band of loyal readers (all three of you!)--have inspired me to write in a little more detail this year than in years past. Father's Day is on the 21st, so in the weeks prior I will try to progress my story a little ever day or two. Feel free to leave comments or questions as we go along and I will try to answer them. Perhaps you will help me see or think about something I've overlooked.

My father is no longer living. If your father is still with us, I wish you the blessing of appreciating and enjoying him while he remains. On a higher plain, I am reminded how good it is to be loved by the great Father and Shepherd of our souls!

Note: Scroll to bottom to begin with Part 1.


  1. though i still think you are misguided in your beliefs, i know that your efforts are genuine and for me this is a fascinating historical look at my past (since it was one year before i was born!). damn mom for her creativity and imagination! :) perhaps you would be a very different person were it not for her, and so would i, i suppose...
    love you dad! keep writing!

  2. I love you too!

    Thanks for your encouraging sentiments. The people in our lives--especially those we love and bear children with--do change our lives in deep and profound ways. Yes, this story is a part of your unique history--what lead up to YOU.

    I will never forget--and will always cherish--your coming into this--my--our world.

    You are probably right about me being misguided in my beliefs. I am hoping to be better guided as I learn more in life and keep seeking the truth wherever it leads me.