Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here in the Lap of Luxury

As I pulled my socks on this morning it hit me once again--I live like a king and am surrounded by luxuries galore! Here I sit, my feet luxuriating in clean soft white cotton socks casually tossing words out into a peaceful little cyber-pond like some monarch reclining on pillows and absentmindedly casting cherry pits into a lake. I have it all! A mere few steps from where I sit, a pair of servants patiently await my wishes. One with a bucket of clean, fresh cold water, and a companion who stands at the ready with steaming hot water for my every need. On the other side of this very wall is a room which half the world would likely walk a hundred miles to find, for it is filled with the finest food from around the world: grains of all kinds, exotic fruits, nuts and spices. Fresh crisp vegetables of all sorts, different kinds of oils, sauces and dressings, each with a different and delightful flavor. Oh my--I see the time has arrived for me to take my royal carriage to town and attend to some court affairs. This will therefore have to be continued another time, for I have but begun to innumerate the many luxuries which fill our dear castle here. Until then, adieu...


  1. Oh my! Sounds like another case of Affluenza...

  2. Welcome back Tina! Great term, "affluenza"! Did you come up with that? If so, you could give Richard Letterer (The "A way With Words" guy) a run for his money!

    The bottom line for me is appreciation and deep gratitude for EVERY thing in my life--potable/running water, refrigeration, supermarkets, etc. Chesterton has helped me with this way of looking at things. It's part of being a ManAlive!