Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comment Goose Eggs and a Mother Hen Blogger

You'd think I was watching for eggs to hatch. In the hours and days after I've laid a--I mean written a post, I'm checking, checking, checking to see if anyone has read or had any response to it. Perhaps I need to get up, rustle my feath--I mean edit it a bit to coax it to life. Now whole days have gone by and the goose egg sits there with not even the slightest little crack appearing. Oh you poor little post, no one has anything to say about you. You have apparently delighted no one nor roused any-one's ire. I suppose it is the same principle in action as the watched pot. The funny thing is, people have given me feedback in person to some of my posts, indicating which ones they've read or enjoyed. This is gratifying but still... I just can't stop fretting over those goose eggs. Perhaps I should simply chalk all this fretting up to New Blogger Syndrome. I need more patience and to be content to let some of these little posts fend for themselves and garner comments--or not--as they deserve and as time goes by. What do you think? Want to hatch an--I mean, leave a comment?


  1. Yep... New Blogger Syndrome! :)

    Many will read and enjoy while seldom commenting.
    Keep it up, Allen!

  2. Thanks Kevin--a good reminder for me. You are a great encourager!

  3. Then there are computer issues........... The program wouldn't let me post for the past few days!(I was using the wrong profile)

  4. Tina! So good to hear from you. Computer/software issues drive me nuts! Just remember--99% of the time, when you're struggling with some function or program, it's not you who is stupid, but the programmer! I'd blog about software if I could ever calm down enough to do so... (I wonder: do you get something in your email box when I reply to you here? If so, please let me know.)